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From Fashion Events, Photo Shoots, Personal shopping, Image & Brand Revitalization, Dress for Success Corporate & Youth workshops, EVO-IFC is a lifestyle firm that works to better brand your career.
Established in 2001 by style architect Raygon Fields, Evolutions IFC is a full service fashion consulting firm currently located in Houston, TX for the working professional and socially successful.
Whether its a formal event, a divorcee's attempt to get back into the dating scene, or a busy executive who works just as hard as they play, EVO-IFC is the solution for all of your wardrobe and image needs. Following and in-depth consultation with your personal stylist, a profile is built and a style file is created based upon the client's lifestyle, profession,physical proportions, and clothing budget. On our shopping venture, we utilize domestic as well as international clothiers to create a unique and powerful look for each personality that patronizes our service. We also offer wardrobe/closet revitalization, as well as, holiday and vacation packing services. Evolutions IFC embraces and empowers the uniqueness of you as Houston's premium source for personal style and fashion services.
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muslimwomeninhistory: Afghan Woman to box in Summer Olympics || Feministing

Afghan boxer (yes, you read that correctly, boxer) Sadaf Rahimi will be representing Afghanistan in the women’s boxing competition at the London Olympics this July. Not only will this be the first time that women’s boxing will be featured at the Olympics, she will be the only woman from Afghanistan at the event. In the Summer games of 2004 Robina Muqimyar and Friba Rezayee became the first women to represent Afghanistan at the Olympics, making Rahimi the third woman in history to represent Afghanistan at the Olympics. She speaks about the pressure she faces:

“When we participate in the outside competitions, there is pressure on us, but I will try to show that an Afghan girl can enter the ring and achieve a position for Afghanistan.”

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