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Fashion moves by the minute, and I live to be at least 30 seconds ahead. I want to share, as well as, capture all the words, images, inspirations, and musings of my Fashion world.

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From Fashion Events, Photo Shoots, Personal shopping, Image & Brand Revitalization, Dress for Success Corporate & Youth workshops, EVO-IFC is a lifestyle firm that works to better brand your career.
Established in 2001 by style architect Raygon Fields, Evolutions IFC is a full service fashion consulting firm currently located in Houston, TX for the working professional and socially successful.
Whether its a formal event, a divorcee's attempt to get back into the dating scene, or a busy executive who works just as hard as they play, EVO-IFC is the solution for all of your wardrobe and image needs. Following and in-depth consultation with your personal stylist, a profile is built and a style file is created based upon the client's lifestyle, profession,physical proportions, and clothing budget. On our shopping venture, we utilize domestic as well as international clothiers to create a unique and powerful look for each personality that patronizes our service. We also offer wardrobe/closet revitalization, as well as, holiday and vacation packing services. Evolutions IFC embraces and empowers the uniqueness of you as Houston's premium source for personal style and fashion services.
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beyondfabric: AGVA bespoke cap toe oxford shoes

The portuguese brand keeps on delivering exquisite items, aimed at providing its clients a unique experience…

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